March 8-12, 9am – 4pm

Join us for Spring Break Camps that offer a taste of our Summer Camp topics and experiments. Each day campers will explore just a handful of the amazing experiments and builds that we will dive into later this summer. Book one day at a time, or the entire week!

Our camps will follow all state and local guidelines regarding cleaning, screenings, social distancing and face masks. Read more about our Covid-19 Policies here. We will hold classes, as we did Summer 2020, at reduced capacity with curbside check-in and pick-ups to protect our campers and staff.

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Members: $75 per day or $275 for the week-long course 
Non-members: $85 per day or $325 for the week-long course

Important Links: 2021 Camp Health FormSci-Tech Covid-19 Camp Policies

STEM Spring Break Camp: 1st – 2nd Grade

Date Event
March 8 Space Explorers: 

Explore the solar system as well as play with the planets and their moons.

Get geared up as an astronaut as we design our own space suits and space stations.

March 9 Grossology:

Join us as we explore the icky, the sticky, the gooey and the gross with chemical reactions, slimes, owl pellet dissections and more.

Discover how the grossest animals survive and dive into the world of farts, snot and vomit. Prepare to get messy!

March 10 STEM Pirates: 

Campers transform into pirates and  work together to tinker, build and navigate the high seas using science and engineering.

Build and test catapults, learn the science behind the strongest knots, discover how your ship can stay afloat, and decode clues on treasure maps.

March 11 Tiny Tinkerers:

Join the Maker movement as we engineer toys, machines and more from the craziest of things.

Build things that fly, spin, whorl and toss as we explore the basics of physics.

Become electrical engineers with our circuit lab and get those lights, buzzers and wheels going!

March 12 Science of Art:  

Unlock your inner artist as we explore the science behind art.

Create bubbling paints, glowing art, pendulum paintings and inventive jewelry.

Use force and motion to paint, experiment with textures in your art and create colors in our color lab

STEM Spring Break Camp: 3rd – 4th Grade

Date Event
March 8 Scratch Programming:

Love to code?  Step into our STEM lab and expand your skills with Scratch block coding.

Build your own interactive storyboards and games. Add audio, animated characters and more.

Take a peek at what professional animators are up to as well!

March 9 Junior NASA:

Get messy in our impact crater lab and create mini-comets here on Earth.

Explore how astronauts survive in space and put the sun’s rays to the test.

March 10 Mad Scientists:

No idea is too insane in our laboratory.  From chemistry to physics, get inventive with our experiments.

Create chemical reactions that keep growing and growing, mix concoctions that change colors.

Learn lab safety and anatomy as we turn our camp into a biology lab.

March 11 Robotics Workshop:

Learn the basics of robotics as we explore sensors, coding, simple and complex machines.

Campers work their way through our fleet of robots, from the smallest Ozobot, to LEGO Mindstorm and many in between.

Take a deeper dive into how machines are engineered and build something of your own creation.

March 12 Egg-Straordinary Physics: 

Never has engineering and physics been to egg-citing!

Dive into hands-on builds and team challenges as you prepare to make your eggs go faster, higher, and farther than before.

Campers explore force and motion, velocity and gravity while learning how to design and build as inventors.

Makerspace Spring Break Camp: 5th-8th Grade

Spring Break is a great time to build and polish your MAKER Skills. Each day provides another opportunity to go hands-on with workshop tools and technology. Not only will the students have a great time making, they will also acquire valuable skills to help them become better innovators and makers.

Date Event
March 8 Maker Challenges:

Are you ready to improve your Maker skills?

Invent, design and create small, medium and large projects in our MakerSpace workshop!

Learn to use shop tools safely as you create unique take home projects.

March 9 Advanced Animators:

Do you have a story to tell?

Learn how to storyboard as you work your way from simple flipbook animation, Claymation, stop-motion and 3D computer animation.

Build the world, create the characters and add sound effects for your own animated short films.

March 10 Tech Gadgets:

Do you love inventing, tinkering and programming?

Learn how to use computer aided design software.

Design, create and print your own creations using our 3D printers.

Take a dive into the world of programming and micro-controllers.    

March 11 Circuitry Lab: 

Does electricity spark your interest?

Learn how electronics work, program micro-controllers, design wearable technology, and learn to solder like a professional!

March 12 Advanced Robotics:

Already love robotics?  Take a deeper dive in VEX™ programming with sensors and motors.

Build attachments to complete mini-competitions and get your robot dancing through the courses.

Explore how simple machines work together in complex ways to roll, lift, push, pull and grasp.

All campers get time to explore the exhibits and dive into builds or messy experiments.

Children remain with Sci-Tech teachers all day who are Red Cross Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and have years of education experience. We hope that you join us for a day of STEM that they won’t stop talking about!

Early (8am) and Late (5pm) hour programming will NOT be available.