Virtual Birthday Parties

Let us bring the fun to you! Our staff will set up the yard decorations, deliver your individually-packed “Jr. Scientist Kits” filled with everything you need for our themed experiments, and lead your guests on an adventure in science! See our summer guide for details.

To reserve your party or for more information, email or call 972-546-3050 x107.

3 Easy Steps to Book Your Own Special Party Time

Step One: Choose a Theme

Ages 3-6

Theme Description
Bubble-Ology Boo Bubbles: As a group, party guests will get to handle cloud-filled bubbles. Our educator will let dry ice sublimate into a gas and trap it in a bubble!

Human Bubble: With a parent’s help, party guests will be lifted onto a stool in the middle of a pool of bubbles. Our educator will then use a large hoop to create a bubble around the guest! This makes for fantastic pictures!

Bubble Blowers: Each guest will get to explore different bubble blowers and create their own to take home.

Dino Detectives Making Dinosaur Tracks: As a group, party guests will each get to choose toy dinosaurs, make and compare tracks in clay, and share their observations about the differences in dinosaurs.

Erupting Volcanoes: This demonstration shows the power of a chemical reaction in a fun way. Our educator will erupt a volcano and discuss how volcanic eruptions coincide with the extinctions of many dinosaurs.

Dino Tar: Naturally occurring tar pits, like La Brea in California, have preserved dinosaur fossils for tens of thousands of years. Party guests will get to make their own “tar” slime to take home!

Ages 5-10

Theme Description
Blast Lab Container Rockets: Our educator will talk about chemical reactions. Each party guest will then decide how much or how little water to include in their own reaction, and then watch as it explodes!

Soda Geyser: Guests will get to watch as we perform the famous candy and soda eruption geyser!

Paper Rockets: Party guests will each get to modify their own paper rocket and launch it with the power of air pressure. Be sure to check out our related Flexhibits!

Safari Science Adaptions & Camouflage: Our educator will talk about the importance of camouflage as an adaptation. Blending in can be the key to survival. Watch as we show you a few secret tricks butterflies have!

Meet & Greet: As a group, meet one of our resident reptiles and learn all about them! We have Dan the Bearded Dragon, Thelma & Louise the Ball Pythons, Syd the Russian Tortoise, and Laura the Leopard Gecko. ***Please let us know which animal you’d prefer at your party. However, please note that the well-being of our animals is our top priority. It will be the staff’s final decision which animal is the most suitable.

Invisible Worms: We know that worms can be hard to find, but with a little chemical help these slime “worms” appear and are ready to take home to enjoy!

Ages 7+

Theme Description
Mad Science Circuits: As a group, we will link up as human conductors to see how far we can get electricity to travel using a fun toy!

Elephant Toothpaste: This exciting chemical reaction creates a foam that looks like something an elephant could use. Watch as our educator uses the microorganism, yeast, to create this wild eruption!

Slime Colloid: Learn all about super mixtures, called colloids, as we create this fun slime to take home.

Potions 101 Invisible Messages: Sometimes chemicals can be where we least expect them! Guests will write secret messages on paper and watch as we use a chemical reaction to reveal it.

Instant Snow: Material science is super “cool”! Watch as we use show the amazing absorption of this special chemical.

Lava Lamp: Not all things react. When they don’t, you can create your own lava lamp. This take home shows the unique properties of liquids that do not mix or react!

Step Two: Choose a Party Package

Pick either the member or non-member option.  Each package provides a room for 2 hours, appropriate number of Sci-Tech staff party helpers (Party Hosts), tables, chairs and green or purple tablecloths, and entrance to the museum exhibits for the day.  Gift bags are available for a fee.

All food and drink is to be provided by you. Sci-Tech does NOT provide food,  but outside food can be delivered.  Catering is permitted.

Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in Sci-Tech for children’s parties.

You may decorate the room as you wish with your own decorations, NO pinatas, glitter or confetti, please.

Birthday Package

Saturdays Sundays Pricing Party Guests
$300 Members
$325 Non-Members
25 Children & 1 adult per child
$10 per additional child
(Maximum of 30 Children)$5 per additional adult

Step Three: Choose Date and Time

You’re on Your Way to Celebrate!

Reminders For a Successful Event

We want every party hosted at Sci-Tech Discovery Center to be enjoyable for the birthday child, the hosting family, and all of the guests. For this reason, we provide the following list of helpful hints:


  • Host family MUST check in at the Explore Store before heading to the party room
  • Host Parent is responsible for staying with children at the part’s end until each child’s picked up
  • Please help us maintain a clean and safe environment for all of our guests by allowing no food or drink in the exhibit area from your party room
  • Don’t forget to take your signs, (keepsake printout on party room door and gift cart), presents, food and party supplies!

Item Check List for a Successful Event:

  • Camera (to capture the “Mind-Stretching Fun” moments)
  • Cake “accessories” (candles, cake knife, lighter)
  • Cash (for our Hurricane Simulator or to provide a tip to your Party Host)
  • Optional party decor, food, etc. (see above for restrictions)

Call 972-546-3050 ext 107 if you have additional questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of decorations may I bring?
A: While Sci-Tech provides green or purple tablecloths for all party tables, you’re welcome to bring your own. Other decorations such as centerpieces, balloons & wall hangings are welcome as long as our walls are undamaged (no holes or peeled paint). Please do NOT bring pinatas, glitter or confetti for your event.

Q: What is the party timeline?
A: The party is split into 3 main parts:

  • 60 minute Food/museum exploration
  • 30 minutes of themed experiments
  • 30 minutes for cake*

*at any time, guests may return to the exhibit gallery to continue exploring. While the host family must begin removing items from the private room after 2 hours, guest admission lasts until we closing.

Q: May food be brought into Sci-Tech?
A: You may serve snacks, drinks, and/or a meal at your party. Food deliveries may also be made to our site and should be scheduled to arrive beginning of your reservation. Home-cooked food, store-bought items or food delivery (from the vender of your choice) are all welcome. A refrigerator and freezer is available on-site for your convenience.

Q: Does Sci-Tech provide food or paper products for the parties?
A: Sci-Tech Discovery Center does NOT provide any food or paper products (e.g. napkins, plates, utensils, etc.)

Q: How do you handle the attendance of other adults (e.g. parents of participating kids)?
A: While admission is free for the parents of attending guests. Sci-Tech’s staff reserves the right to ask any adults to leave the private room to avoid overcrowding during themed experiments and serving of food. This prompt may occur at any time during the party and can be enforced by the On-Site Manager, Party Host or other staff.

Please direct other questions to (972) 546-3050, ext. 107.

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