Daily Discoveries are FREE programs included with your regular museum admission.

These hands-on experiences led by museum educators are designed
with students in K-5 in mind, but are scalable for all ages!

This Month’s Themes and Programs Include:

May 3-5 : 
11AM & 1pm: Alka- Seltzer Rockets

May 6: Maker Studio

Special Event: Music of May

May 10-12: 
11AM & 1pm: Sublimation Bubbles

May 13: Maker Studio

May 17-19: 
11AM & 1pm: Molecules in Motion

May 20: Maker Studio

May 24-26: 
11AM & 1pm: Snap Circuits

May 27: Maker Studio


For more information on Daily Discoveries or other public programs, please contact education@scitechdiscovery.org.