Daily Discoveries are FREE programs included with your regular museum admission.

These hands-on experiences led by museum educators are designed
with students in K-5 in mind, but are scalable for all ages!

This Month’s Themes and Programs Include:

September 1-3: Electricity & Me
11AM- Static Electricity Butterflies & Bugs
1PM- MakeyMakey & Human Conductivity

September 7-10: Water on the Move
11AM- Walking Water Rainbows
1PM- Paddleboats

September 14-17: Ro-Ro-Robots!
11AM- Follow that Robot!
1PM- Robotic Arms & Hands

September 21-24: Up, Up and Away! (Hispanic Heritage Month)
11AM- Blast off with Latinx Astronauts (Noriega, Ochoa & Chang-Diaz)
1PM- The Perfect Paper Airplane (Linda Garcia Cubero)

September 28-October 1: Science Inside Me (Hispanic Heritage Month)
11AM- Gummy Capsules (Ofelia Olivero)
1PM- Scientific Illustrations (Santiago Ramón y Cajal)


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15-October 15 with hands-on programs featuring Latinx and Hispanic STEM professionals of past and present who have made an impact on science, technology, engineering and math. 

For more information on Daily Discoveries or other educational programs, please contact jacie.hood@scitechdiscovery.org.