Field Trip FAQs


All field trip bookings must submit a request form located on our Field Trip Page. Once our booking department has reviewed the request they will be in contact in approximatly a week with either a potential invoice or alternative dates. Once a date has been agreed on then the deposit can be paid to finalize.

Your booking is not complete until the deposit has been paid by credit card, check, or PO.

You should book your field trip several months in advance! We fill up quickly, especially for spring.

Your deposit is based on the total amount of your booking. For bookings less than $500, the deposit is $100. For bookings that exceed $500, the deposit is $250.

A deposit can be paid by credit card using the link on your invoice, check, or PO. A day of schedule will not be made until the deposit or PO is received.

The best way to reach us is via email, but please don’t hesitate to call! Due to being a non-profit we only keep a small staff so that we can give as much back to the community as possible. We apologize if that means a delay in us answering any inquiries and we thank you for your patience.

Preparing For your visit

We require 1 chaperone per 10 students. These are free and included with your booking.

Additional chaperones are welcome and encouraged. They can either pay $8.50 on the day of the visit at our front desk or the payment can be handled through the school and our booking department ahead of time for a discounted rate of $7 per additional chaperone.

Please let any additional chaperones know they can arrive 10 minutes before the field trip start time to begin the check-in process.

Please let us know as soon as you know of any headcount changes. We require a finalized headcount two weeks before your visit.

If the change is made less than two weeks before your visit it may incur a change fee. Day of changes may mean that students do not get to participate in certain programs depending on staffing availability.

Please make sure to review the itinerary carefully. If you have a learning lab make sure to split your students into groups of 30 before your arrival. If more than 30 students enter a learning lab then the additional students will be asked to leave.
If you have students that require accommodations or special assistance please let us know during booking or before the day of your visit. We know different students have different needs! Our staff will handle this on a case-by-case basis and accommodate you if we are able. If we are not given prior notice then we can not guarantee accommodations will be made.
Please make sure to begin arranging buses as soon as you book your visit and to check your travel time. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to make sure you are able to enjoy all of your activities.

Buses can unload in front of the building before parking in the back of the parking lot. If the lot is full then the front desk can provide information about additional nearby parking.

A finalized schedule will be sent to you by our education department two weeks before the date of your visit. Any changes to your booking must be made before this time.

If you need a schedule prior to this two-week mark please contact our booking department and they can provide you with a pending schedule. However, please note that this is pending change and the finalized schedule sent by education is the only one that is considered a confirmed schedule.

Day Of

When you arrive send one person inside to our front desk to check in before unloading students from buses. They can complete any payments and get instructions for where to bring the students.

They will be given wristbands matching the amount listed on your invoice and the museum guidelines.

Due to limited spacing, we are asking for students to unload in front of the building and for buses to park in the Municipal Building Parking Lot nearby. A map of the bus route will be provided to you.

We do not have a cafe or lunch room in our museum. Food and drink are not allowed in our exhibit halls or Discovery Stage.

We are located near Frisco City Center which has lots of great options for lunch spots. Follow these links to check out their parks !

Yes, the exhibit floor is designed to allow space for mobility aids. If one of our movable exhibits blocks a pathway please let a member of staff know so it can be corrected.

Other sensory accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to find out more.

Yes! We have a small gift shop located at the front of our museum that takes both cash and credit. Items are usually between $3-$10 with some exceptions.

Please let a member of staff know at check-in whether your group will be allowed to use the gift shop or not. No students are allowed access to the shop without an adult.