Birthday Party FAQs

  • What theme should I choose?

Choose the theme you think your child will enjoy the most! All of them include both a science demonstration and a hands-on activity.

  • What if my child wants a theme for a different age group?

That is OK! The ages next to each theme are recommendations. Themes recommended for younger children are simpler while the ones recommended for older children are more complex.

Please note that if you choose a theme that is not in age recommendation for your child it may take more or less time than the usual 20-25min.

  • What do I do when I arrive?

We are located in Suite 100 on your left once you have entered the main doors. Please check-in at our front desk and the staff will direct you to your party room and provide a cart for you if necessary.

You can arrive 15 min prior to your party. If you arrive at the museum earlier there is no guarantee that you will be able to gain entrance to your party room.

  • What do at the end of my party time?

At the end of your two hour time slot your guests will be asked to leave the party room so the party hosts can prepare for the next party. They are welcome to remain within the museum during regular musuem hours.

The birthday child’s family will be allowed to remain 10 extra minutes within the room to gather any belongings. If you require assistance or a cart please let your party host know.

  • Can I bring food?

You are welcome to bring any food, cake, or drinks that you would like. This does not include alcohol. If you are having food delivered, please let your party host know so they can alert the front desk.

There will be time to eat during the second hour of your party so please plan accordingly.

  • What do I need to bring?

We do NOT provide silverware or plates. You must bring plates, napkins and plasticware with you.

  • Can I bring decorations?

Yes! You are welcome to bring balloons, streamers, themed tablecloths, ect. We provide tablecloths in our Sci-Tech colors if you would like to use them.

  • How many tables are there?

The room will be set up when you arrive with 8 tables. Some will be reserved for your use, some for the party children and one for the party host materials. The tables are 6ft in length. If you require additional tables please let the party host know and they will be provided if available.

  • Is there a fridge and sink I can use?

Yes! There is a fridge with a freezer and a sink in your party room.

  • Are masks mandatory?

We follow the Frisco ISD Covid-19 policies. Masks are not currently required.

  • Can extra adults come?

Adults and children under 3 are not counted in the 25# since they will not be participating in the activities. They are welcome to join the party and help their children if they would like!

  • What if I have more than 25 children participating?

The max amount of children allowed is 30. Every child over the 25 included is an additional $10 which can be paid for on the day of the party at the front desk. We limit the number to a max of 30 due to the size of the room and the staff we have available.

If you have more than 30 please let your party host know as soon as you arrive because they will only set up enough materials for 25 unless told otherwise.

  • What are the differences between the rooms?

Our two party rooms hold the same amount of people but are located in different parts of our museum and have different foortprints. You are welcome to come look at them during regular business hours. Please keep in mind our last admission is one hour before close.

  • What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to reach us is via email, but please don’t hesitate to call! Due to being a non-profit we only keep a small staff so that we can give as much back to the community as possible. We apologize if that means a delay in us answering any inquires and we thank you for your patience.

Optional Add-ons

  • What is the Fire show?

Our fire show is a 15-min show done at the end of your party in our Discovery Stage. It is $25 for the entire party and it involves colored flames, a fire tornado and our whoosh bottle experiment!

  • What is the Reptile Round Up show?

Reptile Round Up is a 15-min show done at the end of your party in our Discovery Stage. It involves one of our reptile friends. We have the option of either a tortoise or bearded dragon. If you have a preference please add it to the note section during booking. Reptile friend availabilty not guaranteed and may need to be switched on day of due to the condition of the animal.

  • What is the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Demonstration?

LN2 Ice Cream will be made in front of your guests. It makes 25 2oz. servings of vanilla ice cream. The party family will be given the ice cream and may distribute it if they choose.

Please note that we only offer vanilla and that the ice cream contains dairy products. Due to the use of consumables this must be prepurchased through our online booking portal or booking department.

  • What is in the goody bags?

Our goody bags are $5 each and can be purchased online with your party booking or at our front desk on the day of your party. The contain a bouncy ball, a squishy toy, a mood pencil, bubbles and slime! Any additional toys can be purchased at a normal rate from our gift shop.