FAQs: Birthday Parties

  • What do I do when I arrive?

We are located in Suite 100 on your left once you have entered the main doors. Please check-in at our front desk and the staff will direct you to your party room and provide a cart for you if necessary.

You can arrive 15 min prior to your party. If you arrive at the museum earlier there is no guarantee that you will be able to gain entrance to your party room.

  • Can I bring food?

You are welcome to bring any food, cake, or drinks that you would like. This does not include alcohol. If you are having food delivered, please let your party host know so they can alert the front desk.

There will be time to eat during the second hour of your party so please plan accordingly.

  • What do I need to bring?

We do NOT provide silverware or plates. You must bring plates, napkins and plasticware with you.

  • Can I bring decorations?

Yes! You are welcome to bring balloons, streamers, themed tablecloths, ect. We provide tablecloths in our Si-Tech colors if you would like to use them.

  • Is there a fridge and sink I can use?

Yes! There is a fridge with a freezer and a sink in your party room.

  • Are masks mandatory?

We follow the Frisco ISD Covid-19 policies. Masks are not currently required.

  • Can extra adults come?

Adults and children under 3 are not counted in the 25# since they will not be participating in the activities. They are welcome to join the party and help their children if they would like!