Detective (2 hours)

Stories, movies, and television are full of amazing detectives solving mysteries and bringing criminals to justice. Their jobs are important, exciting, and take serious skills—skills you can try in this badge. Grab your magnifying glass and dive into the science of detecting.

  1. Practice the power of observation
  2. Communicate in code
  3. Fingerprint for fun
  4. Try out detective science

STEM: Think Like an Engineer (2 hours)

Grab your safety goggles and put on your thinking cap–time to combine your creativity with science to build survival devices.

  1. Learn how simple machines can be used in complex builds.
  2. Design and build a paper structure that withstands our testing zone.
  3. Engineer an emergency shelter as a team.
  4. Design and build towers that must withstand a seismic shake up.

STEM: Think Like a Programmer (2 hours)

Designing Robots

Robot are simple machines that run automatically, made of many different parts, each with its own important job to help the robot. Work like engineers to plan and build a prototype of your robot that solves a global problem.

  1. Discover the future of robots
  2. Determine your robot’s expertise
  3. Plan your robot
  4. Create a prototype

 Programming Robots

Robots are simple machines made of many different parts that are programmed to run automatically. Programmers are the engineers that create step-by-step instructions, or algorithms, that tell robots how to understand and respond to their environment.

  1. Learn how robots work
  2. Discover the robot brain
  3. Learn about programming
  4. Code our mini robots


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