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Grades 1-2

Space Explorers | June 5-9 & July 10-14

Explore the solar system as well as play with the planets and their moons. Gear up as an astronaut as we design our own space suits and space stations.

Grossology | June 12-16 & July 17-21

Join us as we explore the icky, the sticky, the gooey and the gross with chemical reactions, slimes, owl pellet dissections and more.

STEM Pirates | June 19-23

Campers transform into pirates and work together to tinker, build and navigate the high seas using science and engineering. Build and test catapults, learn the science behind the strongest knots, discover how your ship can stay afloat, and decode clues on treasure maps.

Tiny Tinkerers | June 26-June 30 & July 24-28

Join the Maker movement as we engineer toys, machines and more from the craziest of things. Explore physics by building things that fly, spin, and whirl. Electrify your creations while you complete our circuits lab.

Summer Science  |  July 5-7

Pop, Fizz, Bang- It’s time for some summer science! Explore the chemistry behind fireworks, learn how to make giant bubbles, and explore why we have seasons like summer.

Science of Art | July 31 – August 4

Unlock your inner artist as we explore the science behind art. Create bubbling paints, glowing art, pendulum paintings and inventive jewelry. Experiment with your style as you use physics and chemistry to create dynamic works of art.

Grades 3-4

Video Games Galore | June 5-9 & July 10-14

Take block coding to new heights as you create your own videogames. From plot points to playthroughs, bring your gaming ideas to life. You can even customize a controller!

Junior Nasa | June 12-16 & July 17-21

Space is always at the forefront of innovation. Exercise your invention muscles as you design rovers, landers, and rockets to handle the final frontier.

Mad Scientists | June 19-23 & July 24-28

The boundaries of science are meant to be pushed! After a safety lesson, combine chemicals to get new effects. Bubbles, colors, and oozing are just a few of the reactions you can encounter.

Robotics Roundup | June 26-June 30

Learn the basics of robotics as you work your way through our fleet of robots. Build your skills as you explore sensors, coding, simple and complex machines.

Summer Science  |  July 5-7

Summer is EXPLODING with science! Learn the chemistry of combustion making your own fireworks, design a 3D printed bubblewand, and explore the science behind heat and weather.

Fantastic Physics | July 31 – August 4

Explore all those forces that affect us every day. Harness the power of these forces to create something exciting! Launchers, spinners, and more are all possibilities!

Grades 5-6

Maker Magic | June 5-9

Jump into the wonderful world of wood! Get handy with saws, drills, and hammers as you craft boxes, birdhouses, and more!

Animation Station | June 12-16 & July 10-14

From flipbooks to computers, venture into the world of storytelling with pictures. Draw your own characters and sets, then learn to make them move. Don’t forget the sound effects!

Tech Dive | June 19-23 & July 17-21

Do you love inventing, tinkering and programming? Take a dive into the world of programming and micro-controllers. Learn how to use computer aided design software. Design and print your own creations with our 3D printers.

Circuitry Lab | June 26-June 30

Does electricity spark your interest? Learn how electronics work, program micro-controllers, design wearable technology, and learn to solder like a professional!

Summer Science  |  July 5-7

We’ve got some sizzlin’ science for you as we explore how heat affects chemical reactions, make colorful fireworks from scratch, and solder a mechanical bubble blowing machine!

Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please email Austin Ng, Education Programs Manager, at or call us at 469-896-2188 x4.