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Grades 1-2

Wildlife Explorers  |  June 6-10 & July 11-15
Explore our world and discover astounding habitats of special plants and animals as you build scientific equiptment, run experiments, and get hands-on with real living organisms.
Super Spies  |  June 13-17 & July 18-22
Put your sleuthing skills to the test while you learn how to lift fingerprints, track suspects and narrow down “whodunnit” with a live interrogation!
Mini Makers  |  June 20-24 & July 25-29
Learn different types of engineering through robots, circuitry, rockets, and nature’s makers: animals!
Mixed Up Chemists  |  June 27-July 1 & August 1-5
Use your sight, smell, and touch to observe the awesome world of chemistry as you change colors, go with the flow with water, and change temperatures in a snap.
Art Lab  |  July 5-8 & August 8-12
Create artistic masterpieces using science and technology, natural materials and electronics, and everything in between.

Grades 3-4

Ancient Explorers  |  June 6-10 & July 11-15
Explore and re-create the wonders of the past using STEM: travel through time with dinosaurs, visit ancient Rome, the Old West, and more!
Animal Adventures  |  June 13-17 & July 18-22
Discover the awesome and surprising things animals can do like make slime, glow in the dark, and survive in crazy habitats.
Daring Detectives  |  June 20-24 & July 25-29
Help! Our camp has been infiltrated by a double agent and we need your help to find them out by gathering evidence, analyzing clues, and solve the mystery.
Busy Builders  |  June 27-July 1 & August 1-5
Engineer the perfect spring break as we light up your day with circuitry, team up for towering fun, and program the perfect robotic pet.
Science of Magic  |  July 5-8 & August 8-12
Learn the secrets behind awesome “magic” tricks you can use to fool friends and family using physics, chemistry and engineering!

Grades 5-6

Mad Scientists  |  June 6-10 & July 11-15
Join us for “explosive” fun as we study the chemistry of tie-dye, the science behind roller coasters, and top off the week with a Rube Goldberg machine geyser!
Code Masters  |  June 13-17 & July 18-22
Discover the wonderful world of coding as you learn how to create 3D animation, use cool microcontrollers, and even drones and robots!
Junior Naturalists  |  June 20-24 & July 25-29
Give back to the Earth as you learn how to build a compost bin, study the “fingerprints” of leaves, and become a budding botanist.
Building STEAM  |  June 27-July 1 
Put the “A” in STEM as you learn how to combine art with robotics, 3D printing, game design and coding while creating your own mechanical prototype!
Bust That Myth  |  July 5-8 & August 8-12
Ever wondered if that crazy thing you heard is true? Test fun urban legends using the scientific method as we crash, crush, and create experiments all week!

Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please email Austin Ng, Education Programs Manager, at or call us at 469-896-2188 x4.