STEM Camper Entering 5th-6th Grade next Fall

Animation Nation: Do you have a story to tell? Learn how to storyboard as you work your way from simple flipbook animation, claymation, stop-motion and 3D computer animation. Build the world, create the characters and add sound effects for your own animated short films.

June 3-7 or July 8-12

Daring Drones: Take to the skies with both mini and full sized drones. Master basic piloting skills, jump into our simulators, discover what makes a drone fly, construct and run your own obstacle courses for race day. This is your invitation to explore the world of unmanned aerial vehicles!

June 10-14 or July 15-19

Advanced Robotics Workshop: Already love robotics? Take a deeper dive in LEGO Mindstorm™ programming with sensors and servos. Build attachments to complete mini-competitions and get your robot dancing through the courses. Explore how simple machines work together in complex ways to roll, lift, push, pull and grasp.

June 17-21 or July 22-26

Intro to Maker: If you love inventing, hacking, tinkering and DIY craft builds then you are a maker! Practice using simple hand tools to construct catapults, hydraulic machines and design wearable tech. This is a great way to introduce young campers to the maker culture before they head to our Makerspace Camps for 5th-8th grades.

June 24-28 or July 29 – Aug 2

Dissection Lab: Sharpen your skills as we dissect plants, insects, owl pellets, sea stars, cow eyeballs, squid, and pig hearts. Learn lab safety and anatomy as we turn our camp into a biology lab. Get up close with some of our living critters too! *extra materials fee $25 per child

July 1-3* or Aug 5-9

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