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STEM Campers Entering 1st and 2nd Next Fall

STEM Pirates: Campers transform into pirates and work together to tinker, build and navigate the high seas using science and engineering. Build and test catapults, learn the science behind the strongest knots, discover how your ship can stay afloat, and decode clues on our treasure maps.

June 3-7 or July 8-12

Space Explorers: Step inside our Starlab™ planetarium and learn the constellations of the summer sky, then invent your own star stories. Explore the solar system as well as play with the planets and their moons. Get geared up as an astronaut as we design our own space suits and space stations.

June 10-14 or July 15-19

Tiny Tinkerers: Join the Maker movement as we engineer toys, machines and more from the craziest of things. Build things that fly, spin, whorl and toss as we explore the basics of physics. Become electrical engineers with our circuit lab and get those lights, buzzers and wheels going!

June 17-21 or July 22-26

Grossology: Join us as we explore the icky, the sticky, the gooey and the gross with chemical reactions, slimes, owl pellet dissections and more. Discover how the grossest animals survive and dive into the world of farts, snot and vomit. Prepare to get messy!

June 24-28 or July 29 – Aug 2

Science of Art: Unlock your inner artist as we explore the science behind art. Create bubbling paints, glowing art, pendulum paintings and inventive jewelry. Use force and motion to paint, experiment with textures in your art and create colors in our color lab. Make sure to bring something for Tie-Dye Tuesday!

July 1-3* or Aug 5-9

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