Spring Break Camp Has Been Extended March 16th-20th!

Join us for small STEM and Maker camps on day at a time, or all week.

Can’t wait for the summer? Neither can we! Join us for a preview of our 2020 Summer Camp topics and experiments. Each day campers will explore just a handful of the amazing experiments and builds that we will dive into all summer long. Book one day at a time, or the entire week!

Members: $75 per day or $275 for the week-long course 
Non-members: $85 per day or $325 for the week-long course


STEM Spring Break Camp: 1st – 2nd Grade

Date Event
March 16 Wildlife Explorers

Campers will discover astounding habitats with different plants and animals!

Build scientific equipment, run tests, and get hands on with living organisms!

March 17 Super Spies

Learn how to lift fingerprints, track suspects, and narrow down the criminal!

The investigation ends Friday with a dramatic interrogation of the suspects!

March 18 Mini Makers

Learn different types of engineers and how they keep our world running.

Learn about robots, circuitry, rockets, and engineers in the animal kingdom.

March 19 Mixed-Up Chemists

We’ll use our eyes, noses, and hands to watch for changes in everyday objects.

Color changes, water movement, temperature changes, and more!

March 20 Art Lab

Create masterpieces with everything from paints & clays to light & electronics!

Discover the science that is used by artists and collaborate with other campers on amazing designs!

STEM Spring Break Camp: 3rd – 4th Grade

Date Event
March 16 Ancient Explorers

Explore and re-create the wonders of the past with science, technology, and engineering.

Travel through time with dinosaurs, ancient Rome, the Old West, and more!

March 17 Animal Adventures

Come explore the animal kingdom with us!

Discover fascinating animals you never knew existed while hanging out with our animal ambassadors!

March 18 Daring Detectives

Our camp is under threat from a super trickster!

Gather and analyze evidence in the lab as we get closer to Friday’s big reveal.

March 19 Busy Builders

Play with different types of engineering this summer.

Light up with circuitry, team up on towers and program pet robots!

March 20 Lab Rats

Learn the secrets of fun magic tricks and the science behind them!

Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering all in one!

Makerspace Spring Break Camp: 5th-8th Grade

Spring Break is a great time to build and polish your MAKER Skills. Each day provides another opportunity to go hands-on with workshop tools and technology. Not only will the students have a great time making, they will also acquire valuable skills to help them become better innovators and makers.

Date Event
March 16 Mad Scientists

Join us in some explosive fun as we combine a Rube Goldberg amchine with mind-blowing chemistry.

Campers will work to reinvent the classic coke and mentos experiment by adding their own twists!

March 17 Code Masters

Are you interested in robotics, coding, and drones?

Step inside our MAKER lab for all kinds of tech fun!

March 18 Junior Naturalists

We will be crafting and engineering ways to give back to nature while we explore what nature has to offer to us!

Come join an exciting week of learning about our evironment!

March 19 Mythbusters Lab

Does drinking soda and mentos make your stomach explode? Is the 3 second rule real?

Test these myths and more!

March 20 STEAM Builders

This week is full of tech and art!

Get hands-on with robots, 3-D printers, game design and coding while creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

All campers get their own WOW stage shows before the museum opens to the public, have time to explore the exhibits, and dive into big builds or messy experiments.

Children remain with Sci-Tech teachers all day who are Red Cross Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and have years of education experience. We hope that you join us for a day of STEM that they won’t stop talking about!

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