Daily March 7-11, 2022 from 9am – 4pm

Join us for Spring Break Camps that combine the best of fun and learning! Campers will explore awesome projects and experiments while learning collaborative teamwork skills. Each day is a “sneak preview” of the upcoming Summer Camps, so you get the first look at summer fun. Book one day at a time, or the entire week!

Our camps follow all state and local safety guidelines regarding cleaning, screenings, social distancing and face masks. Read more about our Covid-19 Policies here. We will hold classes at reduced capacity with curbside check-in and pick-ups to protect our campers and staff.

Members: $80 per day or $400 for the week-long course 
Non-members: $90 per day or $450 for the week-long course
Prices include all instructional materials and take-home projects)

Important Links: 2022 Camp Health Form, Sci-Tech Covid-19 Camp Policies, Email Questions Here

STEM Spring Break Camp: 1st – 2nd Grade

Date Event
March 7 Wildlife Explorers: Discover astounding habitats of special plants and animals as you build scientific equiptment, run experiments, and get hands-on with real living organisms.
March 8 Super Spies: Put your sleuthing skills to the test while you learn how to lift fingerprints, track suspects and narrow down “whodunnit” with a live interrogation!
March 9 Mini Makers: Learn different types of engineering through robots, circuitry, rockets, and nature’s makers: animals!
March 10 Mixed-Up Chemists: Use your sight, smell, and touch to observe the awesome world of chemistry as you change colors, go with the flow with water, and change temperatures in a snap.
March 11 Art Lab:  Create artistic masterpieces using science and technology, natural materials and electronics, and everything in between.

STEM Spring Break Camp: 3rd – 4th Grade

Date Event
March 7 Ancient Explorers: Explore and re-create the wonders of the past using STEM: travel through time with dinosaurs, visit ancient Rome, the Old West, and more!
March 8 Animal Adventures: Discover the awesome and surprising things animals can do like make slime, glow in the dark, and survive in crazy habitats.
March 9 Daring Detectives: Help! Our camp has been infiltrated by a double agent and we need your help to find them out by gathering evidence, analyzing clues, and solve the mystery.
March 10 Busy Builders: Engineer the perfect spring break as we light up your day with circuitry, team up for towering fun, and program the perfect robotic pet.
March 11 Science of Magic: Learn the secrets behind awesome “magic” tricks you can use to fool friends and family using physics, chemistry and engineering!

Makerspace Spring Break Camp: 5th-8th Grade

Date Event
March 7 Mad Scientists: Join us for some “explosive” fun as we combine a Rube Goldberg machine with mind-blowing chemistry by engineering a creative way to set off a soda/candy geyser!
March 8 Code Masters: Discover the wonderful world of coding and try out the many different ways we use it in our everyday with robotics.
March 9 Junior Naturalists: Give back to nature using engineering and maker skills while learning about the environment around us. 
March 10 Bust That Myth:  Ever wondered if that crazy thing you heard is true? Test out fun urban legends using the scientific method!
March 11 Building STEAM: Put the “A” back in STEM as you combine art and technology in robotics, 3D printing, game design and coding.