Virtual Learning!

We now provide dynamic learning online through our Virtual Programs! Enjoy experiments, activities, and demonstrations from the comfort of your own devices, whether you’re in your school classroom or at home. Our team of Sci-Tech Educators provide fun and learning without the hassle of travel!

Pre-K / Kindergarten Early Education Packages

Our new Preschool / Kindergarten Early Education Packages include four classes.

Packages are ideal for small to medium-sized groups (up to 24 students each session), led by our dynamic team of Sci-Tech Educators.

Each class begins with a song to inspire young listeners to learn about the day’s science; a book reading with STEM connections; a craft for each learner to take home; and a science exploration. Lessons are aligned to follow Texas Learner Outcomes for Pre-K and Kindergarten TEKS.

PACKAGES: 4 classes that can be delivered over sessions

TIME: 30 minutes

PARTICIPANTS: Max 24 students per session

PRICE: $40 per child per Package

If you are interested in booking a Virtual Outreach please use the Virtual Outreach Request Form.

Elementary & Middle School Learning Labs

Learning Labs are classroom based programs and most of them can be held through our new virtual format!

Programs are for small to medium-sized groups (up to 24 students for each session), led by our dynamic team of Sci-Tech educators.

All programs include interactive learning for students and are aligned with state standards. Learning Labs cover a wide range of STEM and TECHNOLOGY TEKS including Force, Matter, Energy, Organisms, Earth, and Engineering.

TIME: 30-45 minutes, with 15-20 min between classes

PARTICIPANTS: Max 24 students per session

VIRTUAL: $10 per child per program

WOW Stage Shows

WOW Shows are assemblies for larger groups that can be held on your campus, virtually, or can be included in a visit to Sci-Tech. Our WOW Shows explore Newton’s Laws of Physics, Chemistry, Liquid Nitrogen, and Combustion in an exciting and engaging presentation.

WOW Shows cover a wide range of STEM TEKS including Force, Matter, and Energy. We can accommodate large groups (up to 150 people per show) at our venue or we will work with you to meet your site’s accommodations.

TIME: 30-45 minute sessions* with time between for setup

PARTICIPANTS: Up to 10 participating screens

*age dependent

VIRTUAL: $10 per child per show

If you have questions regarding Outreach activities please consult our Educator’s Program Guide. For questions regarding booking or additional programing questions please contact Lauren White, Guest Services Manager, at, or call us at 469-896-2188 x102.