Happy MENA Heritage Month!

April 1-30, 2022

Middle Eastern and Northern African Heritage Month has begun to be celebrated in the United States during April each year to recognize the history, achievements and contributions of MENA people across the United States. (Originally begun as Arab American Heritage Month, many people are beginning to expand that title to “MENA” in an effort to include countries from this region that are not Arabic speaking.)

Sci-Tech is joining the celebration this year by highlighting awesome contributions in STEM made by MENA STEM professionals throughout history to modern day during our Daily Discoveries and Earth Day Celebration. Stop by weekly Tuesday – Friday at 11am or 1pm for Daily Discoveries and Saturday, April 23rd from 10am-4pm for our Earth Day celebration to try a FREE* hands-on experiment or activity while learning about one of these amazing discoveries and scientific advancements.

To learn more about Arab American Heritage Month, check out  https://arabamericafoundation.org/national-arab-american-heritage-month/.

Want to continue learning at home? Check out these great resources:

  1. Women Earning STEM Degrees in the Middle East and Northern Africa: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/article/women-earning-stem-degrees-middle-east-and-north-africa/
  2. Women of MENA in Tech: https://womenofmenaintechnology.com/
  3. Arab Women in STEM Initiative: https://www.unootha.com/unoothas-journal/meet-awis
  4. Advancing Enterprise Education for Women in STEM in MENA Countires: https://www.g20-insights.org/policy_briefs/advancing-enterprise-education-for-women-in-science-technology-engineering-and-mathematics-stem-among-mena-countries/
  5. STEM MENA International Conference: https://stemmena.com/
  6. National Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects: https://nationalaaaea.org/
  7. National Arab American Medical Association: http://www.naama.com
  8. Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Arab World (SASTA): http://www.sastaworld.com
  9. North American Tunisian Engineers Group: http://nateg.org/index.html
  10. Syrian American Medical Society: https://www.sams-usa.net/society/
  11. American Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA): http://www.almamater.org/home.aspx
  12. International Association of Life Science Network (IALSN): http://ww.ialsn.org
  13. Algerian American Scientists Association: http://aasa-web.org/

*Daily Discoveries are FREE with regular museum admission.