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MAKER Campers Entering 5th-8th Grade in the Fall

Go, Go, Go Karts: An annual favorite, kids will be off to the races in this fun filled week. Teams will design, build, and decorate their push-powered karts working out the details for the chassis, steering, and brakes. The week culminates on Thursday when the public is invited to Race Day.

June 3-7 or July 29-Aug 2

Storm the Castle: Using hammers, drills, hand saws and other hand tools, campers learn workshop safety and the engineering process as they build team forts from wooden pallets and cardboard. Teams will design, build, and decorate fortresses, armor, launch devices, and ammo machines. The entire week will build towards Thursday’s Epic Water Balloon Battle.

June 10-14 or July 22-26

Maker Challenge: Each day brings new blueprints and builds for our workshop inventors. Build small, medium and large catapults for testing, design for our extreme egg drop challenges, build life hacks with PVC and spend an entire day building in our woodworking class.

June 17-21

Spy School: Kids will create a make-believe world fit for secret agents like James Bond. A spy’s most valuable assets are their gadgets. Campers will form teams to invent and build spy gadgets like marshmallow shooters, pvc periscopes and secret coded Cryptexes. Campers design a custom obstacle course for the rest of the camp to conquer.

June 24-28

Maker Montage: Improve your Maker skills in woodworking, electronics, programming, simple and complex machines. Learn to use shop tools safely as you create unique wooden crafts, animate household items with motion linkages, learn to solder mini take home kits and program Arduino microcontrollers.

July 1-3*

Mission to Mars: This will be a week of imaginative creation. Campers plan a Martian Colony inside our Makerspace and then get to building! Draw up plans for go kart rovers, wooden windmills, a 16 ft diameter geodesic dome habitat, real drone launch pads and more. Use our Makerspace tools and equipment to construct your designs for a Thursday showcase.

July 8-12

Rube Goldberg Contraptions: A week of whimsical fun creating Rube Goldberg chain reaction machines that make a simple task unnecessarily, yet excitingly, complicated. Teams will try to make a machine complete the task with the most simple machines, pulleys, dominos, ramps, elevators, turnstyles and contraptions. Thursday will be the big reveal when the machines are put to the test for all to see.

July 15-19

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