MAKER Campers Entering 5th-8th Grade in the Fall

Date Event
Weeks of June 7 & July 12 Maker Challenges:

Are you ready to improve your Maker skills?

Invent, design and create small, medium and large projects in our MakerSpace workshop!

Learn to use shop tools safely as you create unique take home projects.

Weeks of June 14 & July 19 Advanced Animators:

Do you have a story to tell?

Learn how to storyboard as you work your way from simple flipbook animation, Claymation, stop-motion and 3D computer animation.

Build the world, create the characters and add sound effects for your own animated short films.

Weeks of June 21 & July 26 Tech Gadgets:

Do you love inventing, tinkering and programming?

Learn how to use computer aided design software.

Design, create and print your own creations using our 3D printers.

Take a dive into the world of programming and micro-controllers.


Weeks of June 28 Circuitry Lab: 

Does electricity spark your interest?

Learn how electronics work, program micro-controllers, design wearable technology, and learn to solder like a professional!

Weeks of July 5 Advanced Robotics:

Already love robotics?  Take a deeper dive in VEX™ programming with sensors and motors.

Build attachments to complete mini-competitions and get your robot dancing through the courses.

Explore how simple machines work together in complex ways to roll, lift, push, pull and grasp.

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