Great Balls of Fire

Here Through August 2019

Comets, Asteroids and Meteors

Climb into a “space ship” and gather data in the asteroid belt.  Learn how scientists predict paths of celestial objects.

Building Challenges

Build and Test

Create and test structures with oversized, foam architectural blocks, keva planks, ThinkerLinker Gears, and Lego car assembly and racing.

Robots & Tech

Experience and Experiment

Fly a drone simulator, explore really small nano-science, watch a robot solve a Rubik’s cube (currently on loan to Frisco Library), create land topography using our augmented reality sand table and interact with a video-projected game.

Get Some Air

Bring It With Bernoulli

Aim streams and bursts of air that demonstrate Bernoulli’s principle.



Coordination Station

Make It Move

Build your own ball roller coaster using magnetic tubes and explore simple principles using fun wooden machines.

Bodies In Balance

Aaaaaaah, Chooooo!

Explore the body’s maze of complex systems and functions (and watch out when the giant nose sneezes!).

WOW Stage

Up Close and Personal

Enjoy live science shows presented throughout the day.

Bubble Tables

Up, Up and Away

Create jumbo bubbles and compare the effects of various bubble frames to learn about surface tension.

Note: Guest safety is always our top priority. Therefore, some pieces may be unavailable during select times if repairs are needed or safety concerns arise.