Using Resources Wisely (2 hours)

We only have one Earth to share and we want to use our resources wisely, just like Clover.   Join us as we explore the water cycle in a watershed, invent ways to clean up pollution, compost with some wiggly friends and turn something old into something new.   Have some fun and earn your Clover petal along the way.

  1. Learn about local watersheds and pollution.
  2. Meet composting worms and learn about their environments.
  3. Make recycled paper to take home.

Model Car Design Challenge (2 hours)

When engineers design something new, they need to think about forces like gravity and friction. Friction is a force that slows and stops moving objects. Without friction, any object that was pushed or pulled would keep moving forever. Build a model car out of and test the friction of your car on different surfaces!

  1. Design and build model cars
  2. Use model cars to test the friction of different surfaces
  3. Race your cars!

Roller Coaster Design Challenge (2 hours)

Engineers use their imaginations to solve problems. They invent and build things that can be used in the real world. Engineer your own roller coaster to see how its design affects its speed.

  1. Make a simple roller coaster car
  2. Build a model of a roller coaster
  3. Test your roller coaster

STEM: Think Like an Engineer (2 hours)

Discover how to think like an engineer by participating in hands-on design challenges!

  1. Learn about strong shapes and structures to use in construction engineering.
  2. Design and build a fairy house, and learn why it’s important to help others.
  3. Design a car powered by air.
  4. Design a way to get across a canyon.

STEM: Think Like a Programmer (2 hours)

Designing Robots
Robot are simple machines that run automatically, made of many different parts, each with its own important job to help the robot.

  1. Learn about the parts of a robot
  2. Plan your robot
  3. Create a prototype
  4. Get feedback on your robot

Programming Robots
Robots are simple machines made of many different parts that are programmed to run automatically. Programmers are the engineers that create step-by-step instructions, or algorithms, that tell robots how to understand and respond to their environment.

  1. Create a simple machine
  2. Test your robot senses
  3. Learn about programming
  4. Code our mini robots

Basic Powderpuff Pinewood Derby Design Workshop (2 hours)

This workshop will provide the space, tools, and tips to give your derby car the advantage!  This is the perfect workshop for beginners as you learn the basics of building and designing a derby car while working side-by-side with fellow Girl Scouts.  Test your new derby car on our testing ramp while getting tips and tricks to increase your speed.

  1. Design your derby car
  2. Learn to use hands tools to build your derby cars
  3. Race, test, and redesign your cars!

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