Home Scientist

Find out where science has been hiding in your home.

  1. Be a kitchen chemist
  2. Create static electricity
  3. Dive into density
  4. Make something bubble up
  5. Play with science

Robotics 1: Designing Robots

Team up with your fellow Brownies to design a robot. Plan, build, and share your robot prototype.

  1. Explore how robots imitate nature
  2. Learn about the parts of a robot
  3. Plan your robot
  4. Create a prototype
  5. Get feedback on your robot

STEM: Think Like an Engineer (2 hours)

Grab your safety goggles and put on your thinking cap–time to combine your creativity with science to build survival devices.

In this Journey, you will:

  1. Find out how engineers use design thinking to solve problems.
  2. Do 3 design thinking activities: design and build an assistive device, a water collection device, and a device that can launch a ball across a room.

STEM: Think Like a Programmer (2 hours)

Prepare to start thinking, exploring, and mapping in the world of programs!

In this Journey, you will:

  1. Find out how programmers use computational thinking to solve problems.
  2. Do 3 computational thinking activities: find out about paper programming; create a functional suncatcher to explore algorithms, variables, and functions; and create a personal innovation to discover rapid prototyping.

Basic Powderpuff Pinewood Derby Design Workshop (2hours)

This workshop will provide the space, tools, and tips to give your derby car the advantage!  This is the perfect workshop for beginners as you learn the basics of building and designing a derby car while working side-by-side with fellow Girl Scouts.  Test your new derby car on our testing ramp while getting tips and tricks to increase your speed. 

  1. Learn how design can affect speed
  2. Learn to use hands tools to build your derby cars
  3. Race, test, record results, and redesign your cars!

*Click here to find our official Derby Car Workshop Page

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