Our STEM Camps introduce kids to being scientists in a lab. They explore physical and chemical reactions, having fun the whole time. It’s all fun and games until it gets messy…then it’s awesome!

Nov 19th: Space Lab: Learn some out of this world chemistry experiments and explore what scientists are doing ‘up there’ right now!

Nov 20th: Junior Mythbusters: Tackle common myths in our chemistry lab. We will go bigger & bolder with our builds, tests and eruptions.

Nov 21st: Mad Scientist Chemistry Lab: Craft crazy chemical reactions. Foam, bubble, fizz and ooze all day. We hope that you aren’t sick of slime yet!

Current 1st-2nd graders and 3rd-4th graders

Members: $75 per day

Non-Members: $85 per day


Maker Space Camps

Our Maker Space camps are ideal for tech-minded kids who love to tinker, invent, disassemble and create. Campers will learn to code on multiple platforms, assemble circuitry, interface customized hardware to their programs, engineer mechanical armatures and controls, and learn the languages of robots.

Nov 19th: Robotics Playground
Meet our entire family of robots. Program, control and build robots to tackle challenging tasks. Gain experience with hardware and software concepts.

Nov 20th: Electronic Inventions
Make your computer come out of its box and interact with the outside world. We will be coding on PCs and building custom interfaces.

Nov 21st: Imagine, Code, and Build with Arduino
Learn to use the Arduino micro-controllers by writing software code to create and control fun circuit contraptions.
Current 5th-8th graders

Members: $75 per day
Non-Members: $85 per day

9:00am – 4:00pm: Campers get to watch explosive stage shows before the museum opens to the public, have time to explore the museum exhibits as a class, and dive into hands-on builds with experienced teachers in our Makerspace. Children remain with Sci-Tech teachers all day. Sci-Tech camp staff are Red Cross Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and have years of education experience. Safety comes first, then fun while learning. We hope that you join us for a day of Maker that they won’t stop talking about!