Force & Motion

Fall 2017 Session

Donald Elementary

1 hour per week for 10 Weeks

Each week students will get hands on with one hour of programming to learn, explore, and create.  This program has been tailored specially for this school and will provide enrichment for students taking the STAR Test.  Program starts 9/21/2017





  1. Force, Gravity & Mass – Dive into the basics of physics.  Carve your own mad science shapes, then find their center of gravity!  Try your hand at our balance challenges and then learn to make some of your own.
  2. Building Bridges – Become a structural engineer as you learn about the different types of bridges with our K’Nex education kits.  Fight the forces of stress and gravity as we put your designs to the test. 
  3. Pent Up Pendulums – Ready, set, swing!  Create singular and coupled pendulums and learn how to track their movement.  Check out our large Newton’s Cradle, and make one of your own!
  4. Kinetic Catapults – Turn potential energy into kinetic energy as we create catapults and sling shots, large and small.  Then try your hand at our giant Angry Birds Game and see how trajectory and angles can help you get all the piggies!
  5. Rubber Band Powered Derby – Design and construct your own racers that move with the power of elasticity.  Test them out on our track and see how much energy you can transfer down the line!
  6. Amazing Inertia – Get spinning with home-made gyroscopes.  Use centripetal and centrifugal forces to create art a few different ways.
  7. Roller Coaster Science – Learn how engineers keep you in your seat as we explore roller coaster science.  Work to create your own mini versions and see if your marbles can survive the loop de loops! 
  8. Zip-Line Rescue – Test Newton’s First Law of motion as we send air powers vehicles across zip lines.  How can you use action and reaction to fight the forces of drag, friction and gravity? 
  9. Amazingly Air Powered– Create DIY mini hover boards and take a ride on a large scale one.  Shoot air powered rockets as high as you can with chemistry, people power and pent up pressure!
  10. The Great Egg Drop – Put all of what you’ve learned together to create the ultimate Egg Drop vehicle.  Shell you be able to engineer your way past the forces that want to crack it wide open?   It’s an eggtremely fun way to wrap up the program, and that’s no yolk.

When: Thursday 3:00 – 4:00              Pricing: $185.00 per child      Students: 4th & 5th Grade Only

Booking or additional information: Click here to book or call 972-546-3050