Daily Discoveries are FREE programs included with your regular museum admission.

These hands-on experiences led by museum educators are designed
with students in K-5 in mind, but are scalable for all ages!

This Month’s Themes and Programs Include:

October 26-29: Halloween y Día de los Muertos
11AM- Candy Science & Dancing Ghosts
1PM- Candy Calaveras (Skulls) y Light-Up Cempazúchitl (Marigolds)

November 2-5: Early Engineering
(Native American Heritage Month)
11AM- How to Build a Home
1PM- Creations for the Cold

November 9-12: Beans & Beads
(Native American Heritage Month)

11AM- Three Sisters Planting
1PM- Math & Art in Beading

November 16-19: Ingenious Indigenous Inventions
(Native American Heritage Month)
11AM- The First Syringes
1PM- Rubber and Blubber

November 23-24: Give Thanks for Science
(Native American Heritage Month)
11AM- Electric Food
1PM- Turkey Time


Celebrate Native American Heritage Month all November with hands-on programs featuring the contributions American Indians and Alaska Natives have made on science, technology, engineering and math. 

For more information on Daily Discoveries or other educational programs, please contact jacie.hood@scitechdiscovery.org.